3 Kingdom Keys To Win The War of Craving Sugar and Junk Food by Mastering Your Diet Mindset

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Christian health coach Renee Dumont Author of Fixing My Fattening Life and the founder of Conquer Cravings For Christians. Renee is a practicing Health/Wellness/Fitness Expert (over 24 yrs) who has dedicated her life to empower 1000's of individuals to achieve REAL lasting results.  Renee's teachings are transforming lives by providing the roadmap to conquer junk food and sugar cravings starting from the inside out!  


Have you been looking for answers to the right diet for years?  

Have you toretured yourself with thoughts of frustration about food, dieting and self-criticism?

I am the first to tell you that I felt uncomfortable about my appearance for years even when I was actively training my students. I grew obsessive with working out real hard and then go on binges every weekend. As you get to know me you’ll hear my mistakes and the process that God took me through to break the frustration I was dealing with for so long. 



 Does any of this sound familiar to you?

here's the thing...

I teach you a bible study as the POWER of God's word will change your mindset. As a result of my training I know that you will feel AMAZING through these 3 easy steps WITHOUT wasting tons of negative energy, wasting time counting calories or failing another fad diet like weight watchers. 

You'll have a crystal clear understanding as to what has been the missing components to you achieving lasting results through a weight loss program designed for christian women. 


  • you are always thinking of your next meal, next snack or your next bite.
  • want to stop sugar cravings
  • you know what and how you are suppose to eat, but keep eating junk food
  • you find yourself feeling self conscious of your appearance.
  • you know you are suppose to cook more but never feel motivated enough to do it.
  • you are depressed & frustrated from failed diet after diet.


In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to Stabilize Blood Sugar
  • How to Stabilize Moods 
  • Gain Self-Confidence Through the Love of God
  • How To Ignite Your Faith & Experience Soul Control
  • How To End Sugar Cravings For Good
  • Why Diets Don't last

Hi I'm Renee Dumont, I've been working in the health industry since the early 90' and have trained thousands of people to propell individuals to reach their personal goals. My life started out pretty tough as I weighed 180 lbs at age 12. It didn't stop there but I can tell you God was taking me through my growing pains and I was on fire to learn of HIS WISDOM. Now you can too! I'll teach you my exact steps! PLUS I HAVE A SURPRISE BONUS TO JUMPSTART YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY! So make sure you stay till the end!



** WARNING: Seats are limited.