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Christian health coach Renee Dumont Author of Fixing My Fattening Life and the founder of Conquer Cravings For Christians. Renee is a practicing Health/Wellness/Fitness Expert (over 24 yrs) who has dedicated her life to empower 1000's of individuals to achieve REAL lasting results.  Renee's teachings are transforming lives by providing the roadmap to conquer junk food and sugar cravings starting from the inside out!  






Have you been looking for answers to the right diet for years?  Have you tortured yourself with thoughts of worry and frustration about food, self-criticism, and feeling uncomfortable about your appearance all of which you are unaware? Me too! As you get to know me you’ll hear all the details.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Hi I'm Renee Dumont, I've been working in the health industry since the early 90' and have trained thousands of people to propell individuals to reach their personal goals. I'll be teaching you how mood and food is connected to your faith. This will bring clarity and show you that achieving REAL healing is possible just like you heard in Jackie's story. 

As for me, I was not aware for years. I would always start the day off good and when crazy things happened, my circumstances lead me to eating like a COOKIE MONSTER (or chocolate monster) by the end of the day. It was only when I decided to pay attention to my thoughts that I was able to see the mindsets that kept me locked into a pattern that kept me STUCK. 

Well here is what I learned as I grew and developed in my faith!

You see, it all came down to 5 areas of my being that needed to CHANGE. When I exercised each area through God's word, I developed a deeper sense of direction to set myself JUNK FOOD free and my mission going forward became clear.

This is what I call the “mind shift”. 

Get your mindset straight, feel AMAZING and lose weight through these 3 easy steps WITHOUT wasting tons of negative energy, time counting calories or another fad diet  while getting frustrated on a weekly basis to STICK to your weight loss and health goals.  


  • you are always thinking of your next meal, next snack or your next bite.
  • you know what and how you are suppose to eat, but keep making bad choices.
  • you find yourself feeling self conscious of your appearance.
  • you know you are suppose to cook more but never feel motivated enough to do it.
  • you are depressed & frustrated from failed diet after diet.

Join now to come clear on how to Conquer Food Cravings. 

Learn how to Manifest A Mindset To Transform Your Mind Body & Spirit through my 3 Hidden Strategies To End The "DIET MENTALITY" For REAL life changing RESULTS!

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 What You're Going To Learn On This Free LIVE Masterclass 


  • SECRET #1 - Why trying to get on another "diet" is a waste of time
    (and what you need to do instead) for LIFE LONG RESULTS
  • SECRET #2 -How to design the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, by igniting your faith and gaining confidence with your everyday goals. 
  • SECRET #3 - How to stop craving sugar and junk food without feeling deprived and stabilize your moods to finally end depression. 


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